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Open call: Superland is looking for creators

The gallery Norma space declares an open call for creators whose task will be to create, in collaboration with members of the editorial team, the content for the next issue of Superland web magazine in 2023.


What does Oliver Burkeman’s new book tell us about our relationship with time, and how can it be translated into the world of architecture?

In situ

Can I speculate about the identity of a specific place through field research of that particular territory and its landscape?

 Last year I took a field trip to Belgrade with the intention of visiting and documenting one specific urban neighbourhood called Ada Međica, which is located on an island in the Sava River. The island is home to a site-specific community characterised by collective power, self-government, self-built solidarity, good neighbourly relations, and shared common interests. In what way does the self-sustained community build its common language and establish its own rules? What are the residents’ common interests and motivations? What keeps them together? What is the significance of the island's informal urbanism for the inhabitants and environment?

Thinking Together

Why do we need to publicly discuss how children observe and perceive urban spaces? When we speak about the concept of a caring city, how can we include children’s voices as well as their needs and priorities as a part of city’s public policy? In a conversation with visual artist and educator Eva Koťátková and artist, ex-squatter, social worker and activist Barbora Bažantová, I was looking for some methods of critical pedagogy with children which can help us to create a safe, inclusive environment for children to think together. Let’s take a peek at the fiction story ‘Vše může byt na dvoře’ (Everything can be in the yard), which arose during a workshop with children that took place this summer in the courtyard of the Norma Space gallery in Prague. Let’s go over it and meet its characters, secrets, fantasies, and fears. Let’s meet their safe space. Let’s walk into our (in)visible worlds.

Performative Infrastructure

How do the Swiss perceive the future of the urban periphery? Do we need utopian visions of the transformation of technical infrastructure? Why do architects and urban planners work with different media? We discuss the hidden “spaces between spaces” and their role in the development of urban life with Renate Walter and Sebastian F. Lippok, founders of the Zurich studio Waldrap.

Editorial: Null

We entered the third decade of this century in the shadow of a global trauma that has fundamentally transformed our living space. A return to normalcy will not be easy – if it is even possible.