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Superland is a platform for sharing knowledge, experience, and vision within the context of architecture as well as in the broader spectrum of other related disciplines. It is a space for focused perception and contemplation. Superland is a curated online magazine that presents contributions in text, video, and image formats, which serve as a point of reference for in-depth and critical reflection on the landscape and urbanism. It directs readers’ attention toward key issues that different communities face today. Superland is thematically defined by the concepts of care, solidarity, urban politics, shared property, community life, transformation, critical urbanism, sustainability, and possibilities for environmental regeneration. The Superland project was created by the Prague initiative and gallery Norma space, which works at the intersection of architecture, theory, art, and interventions in the public space.

Superland is published twice per year. Each issue features a different thematic focus, which is shaped by a guest curator who compiles the content for a given cycle. Every curatorial project also includes an exhibition and a lecture at the Norma space gallery in Prague which further develop the topic and give it new context.

Your suggestions
Superland is open to new thoughts and perspectives. The guest curators assemble the content of the magazine in cooperation with members of the editorial team. Your proposals for contributions are welcome. Kindly email a draft of your article in .pdf format to Our editorial team will contact you if your contribution is selected for publication.

The Superland team consists of: Alžběta Ambrožová, Max Dvořák, Viktor Eichler, Petra Karlová, Savka Marenić, Jakub Mašita, Jana Moravcová, Olga Štajnrtová, Brian D. Vondrák,

Superland / Norma space
Podskalská 370/31
12800 Prague 2
tel: +420 773 043 800